Chris Matthews Enters Crazy Town – Blames Chamber of Commerce For Unemployment Rate(?)

Tingles has lost it.

On Wednesday the far left MSNBC host Chris Matthews accused the Chamber of intentionally increasing unemployment in this nation while harming the economy.
Via NewsBusters:

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Here’s the transcript provided by NewsBusters:

…So, why is it so darn important to the average voter out there, that multinational corporations, some of them based outside of the United States, have their fingers in this election?

How about this — it`s the central economic issue of our times. Look at how the giant corporations get their profit margins up these days. Are they out there selling hot, new products every consumer wants to get their hands on? Or are they doing the job by cost-cutting, cutting down the number of employees for whom they have to pay those tiresome health packages, those costly pensions and 401 plans? Are they doing it through those highly celebrated productivity gains by substituting robotics for people, by outsourcing the cheaper vendors overseas, over where the price of labor is dirt cheap?

No wonder the multinationals want to gift candidates who love to deregulate, love so-called free markets, love tax structures that lead them as free as possible to continue doing what they`re doing — the kind of free-willing, cost-cutting that meets the quarterly bottom line.

No wonder the U.S. Chamber`s such a popular lobbying body for the multinational operation, in whatever country, it happens to currently find the best haven.

So, the right answer, is this is best that we can do is, is: is this the best America can do? It`s about jobs, and if all of the American people can talk about this election season as this, I say, keep on talking. You`ve finally got your finger on the pulse of this country. It`s about the economy.

That’s insane.
No wonder MSNBC’s parent company received $24.9 million in stimulus grants.
Propaganda pays.


Initial claims for unemployment aid rose by 13,000 to a seasonally adjusted 462,000 last week. Chris Matthews wants to blame business leaders.

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