BREAKING: Leftist Group Finds 3,000 Suspect Hispanic Voters to Register & Vote on Last Day of Early Voting in Ruth McClung's District …Update: 65% Are Invalid

Well, what a complete shock.
A far left group in Rep. Raul Grijalva’s district in Arizona registered and turned in several thousand votes today on the last day of registration. The socialist Grijalva is currently the trailing or tied in the most recent polls to rocket scientist Ruth McClung. This ought to be a nice boost for the Code Pink candidate.

Grijalva is best known for calling for a boycott on his own state and district.

The Yuma Sun reported:


Seven workers are going door to door in Yuma County to get eligible Latino voters to register for permanent early voting ballots.

“They are going by precinct and talking to folks,” said Francisco Heredia, Arizona state director for Mi Familia Vota and spokesman for One Arizona, the organizations behind the effort.

“It has been mainly Latino voters that we are trying to make sure sign up on the permanent early voter list because we feel that by them being on this list they have ample time to make an informed decision on the candidates and propositions that are going to be on the ballot.”

In just two months, the seven canvassers have gotten more than 3,000 local Hispanics to sign up for the early ballot.

“Our goal was above 3,000 and we’ve met that goal,” Heredia said.

The group is nonpartisan, and Heredia said it is not their intention to tell voters who to vote for.

“We just tell them to fill it out, sign the envelope and send it back so their vote counts.”

Statewide, Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona have registered 20,000 new voters in four months.

“What is more impressive is we have registered over 43,000 on the permanent early voting list,” Heredia said, adding that many Hispanics don’t vote regularly…

Getting Hispanics to register for the permanent early ballot will ensure their involvement in the political process, Heredia said.

“The permanent early voting list is important because not only will they receive a ballot for this election, but for every future election.”

For your information, despite what they claim, Mi Familia Vota is a far left group. The group along with the SEIU and America’s Voice launched a Spanish-language radio ad in six states in September, highlighting Republican opposition to the DREAM act, among other issues.

UPDATE: I talked with GOP source tonight and was told the following, “A source from the Yuma County Recorder’s Office has found that 65% of the registrations have been found to be invalid!” Wrong address. Not citizens. The registrations were all dumped off at once. Now before the requests for early ballots expires, the groups are requesting early ballots.

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