Barack Obama: "Republicans Messed Up So Bad" That Millions Are Still Out Of Work

Worst. President. Ever.
Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly is the worst jobs president in US History.

(Source: US Misery Index)

They wanted to fundamentally change America. They did.
According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research the US unemployment rate has not fallen below 10.8 percent in the last 14 months. This is unprecedented. The actual jobless rate has now topped 9.5 percent for 14 straight months, the longest stretch since the 1930s.

From November 2008, the month he was elected, until now, the economy has shed more than an astonishing 4.4 million jobs. That’s worse than Hoover.


The US economy lost another 95,000 jobs in September.

So, how does Obama explain his abysmal record? He blames Republicans.

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From the video:

“There are three million Americans who would not be working again if not for the economic plan Joe and I put in place, that’s the truth,” President Obama told a crowd in Philadelphia.

“The hole we’re climbing out of is so deep. The Republicans messed up so bad, left such a big mess, that there is still millions of Americans without work,” he added.

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