Ann Coulter: "I Didn't See a Lot of White Faces in That Rally… We Can Conclude It Was a Racist Rally & I Call on Democrats to Denounce the Extremist Elements of Their Movement" (Video)

Conservative icon Ann Coulter called on the Democratic Party to denounce the racist elements of the failed One Nation Rally. Ann joined Bill O’Reilly tonight to discuss the far left’s socialist tea party rally.
This was classic Coulter.

Ann Coulter: There were also – City University High School in New York was apparently giving learning credits to their students who attended. I think they wanted to get the last 10,000 Obama supporters together for one last horrah.

Bill O’Reilly: …Old Harry Belafonte is out there speaking and nobody’s listening. I felt sorry for Harry.


Ann Coulter: Oh, I liked the Harry Belafonte clip you played at the beginning of the segment. It sounded like Dr. Strangelove. Wow, I’m glad we never had one of those at the tea party. I don’t know, maybe they thought that they’d estimate the crowds based on the garbage they left behind. And, they way out did the tea party on the garbage they left behind.

Bill O’Reilly: OK. And, it didn’t look any where near as impressive as the Beck Rally so that the fears of the left. I think the whole exercise hurt them…

Ann Coulter: Well, as important as Glenn Beck is, I think the comparison is more to the whole tea party movement since that’s what this was a response to. They’re up on stage denouncing the tea party movement. And, I didn’t realize this until liberals started viciously attacking the tea party movement but apparently if you don’t have an exact proportion of every race of people in your rallies then that’s evidence of racism. And, I didn’t see a lot of white faces in that rally so I think we can conclude that this little rally of the last 10,000 Obama supporters was a racist event. And, I call on the Democratic Party to denounce the extremist elements in their movement.

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