Yikes! Obama Tells Wisconsin Students "Change Is Gonna Come"

Please, Mr. President– No More Change.

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. The Obama-Pelosi economic plan resulted in a cumulative 7.5 million jobs deficit. By every objective measure the democrat’s Trillion dollar stimulus bomb was a complete disaster.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi tripled the national deficit last year by nearly a trillion dollars – something unheard of in our nation’s history.


After an unheard of record deficit last year of $1.4 Trillion the economy is on track to experience a $1.3 Trillion deficit this year.

Instead of focusing on the economy the past two years the radicals in Washington beat up on business and rammed through an unpopular nationalized health care entitlement program. Today 61% of voters want the democratic law repealed.

Today Barack Obama told Wisconsin college students that more change is coming.
The AP reported:

President Barack Obama is urging college students at a Wisconsin campaign rally to stick with him and vote in the Nov. 2 elections, promising that “change is gonna come.”

Obama is trying to rally the Democratic base ahead of critical midterm elections that are expected to be dismal for the party.

Obama says Democrats who are upset with the pace of change he promised in 2008 should not let their frustration keep them away from the polls. He says that’s how the Republicans will win and that they will take the country back to the policies that led to the nation’s economic crisis.

Please, Mr. President, have mercy.

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