Rats Flee Ship… Rahm Emanuel May Leave White House in October

Rats Flee Ship–

The White House confirmed today that Rahm Emanuel may leave the White House in the coming weeks.
FOX News reported:

White House sources say it is possible White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel could leave the White House as early as October. The sources say the bottom line is Emanuel needs to make a decision, and if it is to run, then things will move very quickly.

Sources say Pete Rouse is the most likely possibility to serve as an interim chief of staff if Emanuel decides to leave. The chief of staff job is so significant — it is vital they get somebody in there who can keep the White House moving forward if the current chief of staff leaves in the coming weeks.

Senior Advisor Pete Rouse’s bio:

Peter M. Rouse is Senior Advisor to President Barack H. Obama. He was a co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Project, a senior adviser to President Obama’s campaign, and chief of staff to then-Senator Barack Obama.

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