Well, G*d-D*m America Halleluia!… Obama Goes to Church

Well, G-D America Halleluia!… Obama Goes to Church

Of course, the sermon was an attack on wealth, something Barack Obama is quite familiar with.
Drudge reported:

The first family left the White House on foot this morning for the 9am choral holy eucharist service and sermon at St John’s Church Lafayette Square.

The Obamas walked out of the residence at 8.49am and crossed the park to the nearby Episcopal church.

The president was wearing a dark suit and held Sasha Obama’s hand. She was wearing a blue dress and cream cardigan. Michelle and Malia Obama were wearing cream-colored dresses. (Check photos for accuracy of descriptions. It’s sunny and pool was at a distance.)

The service sheet doesn’t indicate what the sermon is on but the gospel is Luke 16:1-13, which ends ‘You cannot serve God and wealth.’

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