The Hits Keep Coming… Iowa Voter to Obama: "My Son Campaigned Fiercely for You… Now He's Lost Hope" (Video)

He just can’t escape it…
An Iowa voter yesterday told President Obama that her son had fiercely campaigned for him in 2008 and graduated with honors…
Now he can’t find a job. He’s lost hope.


Via the White House:

Question: Good morning, Mr. President. Welcome back to Iowa. We’re thrilled to have you back here.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Mary. It’s great to be back.

Question: I have a 24-year-old son who campaigned fiercely for you and was very inspired by your message of hope. He graduated from Simpson College about a year and a half ago with honors.

THE PRESIDENT: Congratulations.

Question: And he’s still struggling to find a full-time job. And he and many of his friends are struggling. They are losing their hope, which was a message that you inspired them with. Could you speak to that — how you would speak to the young men and women in our country who are struggling to find a job, and speak to that message of hope?


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