TEA PARTY CANDIDATE CHRISTINE O'DONNELL Trails By Only 2 Points to RINO Mike Castle in Delaware

Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell is trailing by only 2 points to RINO Mike Castle in Delaware. RINO Rep. Mike Castle has a record of supporting the bank bailouts, cap and trade and abortion rights.

For those of you not familiar with this Delaware conservative, here again is my interview with Christine in July.
Check it out – She’s a remarkable candidate:

It was a delight meeting Christine O’Donnell.

And she is only down 2 points in Delaware.
Hotline On Call reported:


Christine O’Donnell is trailing Rep. Mike Castle by only 2% among voters most likely to turnout in the Delaware Senate GOP primary, according to a Tea Party Express poll.

The poll, obtained by Hotline On Call, found that among GOP voters who indicated they are most likely to vote — or “10s” in polling lingo — Castle leads O’Donnell 43% to 41%.

The Tea Party Express released the top line of the poll on Thursday. That showed O’Donnell trailing Castle by nearly 6%, 43.7% to 38%.

These new numbers suggest that Castle is significantly more vulnerable than originally believed.

Unfortunately for Christine O’Donnell, the ruthless attacks against her have escalated this past week.

Free Republic has an excellent must read post on “The Kneecapping of Christine O’Donnell.”
Check the article out for the facts on O’Donnell and Castle.

And, if that is not enough, here is some more information on Christine O’Donnell:

New Christine TV / radio ads from Tea Party Express

Is Christine electable in November? Rasmussen had her up over Coons in July
Castle is being challenged in the state’s September 14 GOP primary by conservative activist Christine O’Donnell. Coons runs virtually even with O’Donnell who picks up 41% of the vote to the Democrat’s 39%.

DeMint endorsement coming?
“…As O’Donnell criticizes Castle for supporting the bank bailouts, cap and trade and abortion rights, she appears to have caught DeMint’s attention. The two met recently and a spokesman for the senator’s political action committee said DeMint was “extremely impressed.”

“She’s a principled conservative who has been overlooked by the Washington establishment. The senator has not made an endorsement in this race but he’s watching it closely to see if O’Donnell can get within striking distance,” Matt Hoskins said.

Granted, there are other conservative bloggers who are supporting the RINO, but call me old fashioned, I’ll pick the conservative over the liberal Republican any day of the week. We don’t need another Arlen Specter.

Is Conservative Christine O’Donnell of Delaware the Next Nikki Haley?

UPDATE: In response to the first comment below, here is Christine’s press release concerning the recent attacks on Castle by Liberty.com:

Read Dan Riehl’s piece on Castle.

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