Stunner… Dem Operative Illegally Used State Offices to Campaign for Patty Murray

What a complete shock.
A Washington Democrat used state offices to campaign for far left Senator Patty Murray.

A Patty Murray suppporter illegally sent a political message from state offices to state veterans. The emailed flyers encouraged the veterans to join the Murray campaign. This violated federal and state laws and the department’s own policies.

Red County

The Washington Employment Security Department has released to Red County the email sent by a WorkSource employee who used government resources to organize support for Sen. Patty Murray’s campaign. In the email, WorkSource employee Sally Garcia asks veterans to contact Kerala Hise, either by telephone or at a address, to get involved in a ‘”walk and knock” to remind people to vote” for Murray’s re-election.

Garcia’s email also suggested that recipients “[t]ake a look at the attachments I”—Garcia—“have included.” Employment Security unequivocally stated that no attachments were sent with the message but that Garcia did send a file to recipients who responded with interest. The file contains three People for Patty Murray flyers (click to download the file), an advertisement for a get out the vote event, a bulleted list of Murray’s awards from veterans organizations, and a promotion for Murray’s campaign kickoff rally in Vancouver.

Last week, Employment Security spokeswoman Sheryl Hutchison confirmed that the email represented a breach of agency policies and suggested it might potential violations of state and federal law.

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