Stale Beans… Coffee Party National Convention a Bust

The Cocoa Party, One Nation, F*ck Tea Coffee Party members met this past weekend in Louisville to hold their first national convention.
350 people showed up.
It was a bust.

The Courrier-Journal reported:

The Coffee Party USA — which was founded on Facebook and is holding its first national convention in Louisville this weekend — bills itself as a more thoughtful and reasoned alternative to the tea party.

Saturday night the organization held a panel discussion, part of its three-day “Restoring American Democracy” convention, that included bloggers, college professors and communications strategists talking about what they can do to make politics more inclusive. They also discussed how to draw more disenfranchised voters back into the democratic process.

The discussion before about 350 people at the Galt House touched on policy, politics and values and how to bridge the partisan divide.

At least they weren’t kicked out this time.

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