Spank the Children, Send Them to Bed… Wednesday Night Edition

This is really pathetic. The left can’t blame Republicans for the Iraq quagmire this year. Bush, the GOP members of Congress and the American military won that war. They can’t Bush-bash. That won’t work. They’ve destroyed the economy, tripled the deficit and nearly doubled unemployment in less than two years. They’ve got nothing.

So when all else fails, like true leftists, they resort back to personal attacks.
Here is a request from a local self-described reporter/blogger and leftist I received today:

I saw your post today on the kid who got beat up in Seattle because he was white. Speaking of racism, though, I was curious why you chose to use a video from the racist website in your post? A cursory Google search reveals that other websites offer videos of the Seattle incident for embedding. Are you a regular reader of DiversityIsCrap?

I may blog about this and just wanted to extend you the courtesy of a response.

chad garrison

My response:

Are you serious? Really? I posted the video because it was the only one I found.

Jim Hoft

Grow up.

DiversityIsCrap is a hateful white supremist website. Of course, I didn’t know this and have never heard of them. These cranks want to tie me to them.

I also posted a video today created by the radical Islamic group “Muslims Against Crusaders” and for the record– No, I am not an Islamo-fascist, either.
Get a life.

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