Scarborough on O'Donnell's Win: "I Blame Sarah Palin" (Video)

Does anyone still pretend that this guy is a conservative?
Joe Scarborough “blamed” Sarah Palin for the Christine O’Donnell’s big win last night in Delaware.
He also said he agreed with Karl Rove.
Via NewsBusters:

Here’s the transcript from NewsBusters:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I remember learning that Mike Castle was going to run for Senator. I was very excited about it because I understood that if the Republican party were to be a national party, the Republican party would need to win states like Delaware. And Mike Castle would give Republicans the best chance to win that Senate seat in a long, long–in decades. That opportunity’s gone now, and I just wonder: does the Republican party have what it takes to be a national party again?…

…I haven’t said this in awhile: I agree with Karl Rove. I mean, I agree with him

…I blame—and I’ll just say it: I blame Sarah Palin for last night. I blame Sarah Palin. If Republicans do not win this Senate seat, it’s Sarah Palin, it falls on Sarah Palin’s shoulders. You were talking about how this helps Sarah Palin and other people do. Guess what? If we’re one, if we as a Republican party are one vote short of a majority in 2012, I will come on the next morning—in 2010—I’ll come on the next morning and say it’s all Sarah Palin’s fault. She decided to do the reckless political thing and select somebody she knew couldn’t win in Delaware.

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