Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama Got Her "No-Show" Job in a Chicago Hospital Because of Barack (Video)

Conservative leader Rush Limbaugh got a dig in on Michelle Obama last night on Greta’s show. He reminded viewers that she didn’t get her “no-show” job in Chicago on her own. It was only because of her husband that she was hired to work at a hospital where she was paid $63,000 in 2008 for a job she didn’t go to.

Rush Limbaugh on “No-Show” Michelle Obama:

“Same thing with Sarah Palin. She has lived a full rich and real life. Nothing was paved for her. I mean Hillary Clinton didn’t even get a full partnership in a law firm until Bill became Governor. Michelle Obama got the no-show job in the Chicago Hospital after her husband was elected to the Illinois legislature. But these (conservative) women did it on their own.”

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