Rudy Giuliani Headlines Missouri Fundraiser for Conservative Roy Blunt

Missouri Conservative Leaders Rally for Roy Blunt

Stephen Brauer and his family hosted a large fundraiser for conservative Roy Blunt at their Hunter Farms estate tonight in West St. Louis County featuring former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Senators Kit Bond, John Dansforth, Jim Talent and former Missouri Governor, Senator and US Attorney General John Ashcroft along with several hundred Missouri conservatives attended the fundraiser and dinner for Roy Blunt.

Missouri Republicans Roy Blunt, John Dansforth and Kit Bond welcomed Mayor Giuliani to Missouri.


Conservatives Rod and Stacy Washington spoke with Roy Blunt after the dinner.

Here I am with Rudy after his terrific speech. Rudy was a huge hit with the Show Me State conservatives.

Missouri conservatives also honored retiring Senator Kit Bond at the dinner.

* * * * *
Later on we stopped by and saw Republican Ed Martin.

Ed debated Pelosi-liberal Russ Carnahan tonight in St. Louis. The Martin people were fired up. It must have gone well.

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