Republican Carly Fiorina Schools "Maam" Boxer in First Debate (Video)

This will be a great race to watch this year–
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina schooled Barbara “Maam” Boxer in their first debate on Wednesday. Fiorina pounded Boxer’s disastrous 28-year liberal record that has brought the Golden State to the brink of disaster.

For her part, liberal Barbara Boxer didn’t make up any past conversations, which was good.

The struggling economy was the top issue in this first debate.
MyWay has more:


After a summer of firing campaign shots from afar, Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger Carly Fiorina met on the same stage for the first time Wednesday over who best represents California’s economic interests for the next six years.

During the hourlong debate in which both women exchanged feisty jabs, Fiorina called Boxer an agent of big government spending, taxes and policies that strangled America’s entrepreneurial spirit. Boxer fired back by criticizing Fiorina for serving the interests of “billionaires, millionaires and companies that outsource jobs,” rather than average Americans.

The recession and how to turn around California’s 12.3 percent jobless rate dominated the debate at St. Mary’s College in the eastern San Francisco Bay area city of Moraga. The forum also allowed the women to contrast their differences on a number of other topics, including abortion, immigration, gay marriage and global warming.

Boxer’s campaign indicated a second debate could be announced within days.

Both candidates have a reputation for toughness and for not backing down – Boxer as an unabashed liberal who voted against the Iraq war, and Fiorina as someone who rose to the top of American business at a time when it was rare to see a woman in the chief executive’s suite.

“This election is between someone who’s fighting for jobs day in, day out – jobs right here in America, versus someone when she had the chance laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to China,” Boxer said. “This election is about someone who’s working hard so that we can see the words ‘Made in America’ again and someone who is proud of her time at HP when she stamped ‘Made in China, Made in India’ on their products.”

Fiorina, who led Hewlett-Packard Co. from 1999 to 2005, said she offered a prescription of smaller government and tax cuts to benefit small- and family-owned businesses.

“If you look at Sen. Boxer’s long track record of 28 years in Washington, D.C., you will see this: She is for more taxes, she is for more spending, she is for more regulation, and she is also for big government and elite extreme environmental groups,” Fiorina said.

If this race continues to be about the economy and jobs, dimwit Boxer is toast.

Please contribute to Carly’s campaign to beat this tired old liberal here.

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