Republican Adam Kinzinger Slams Dem Opponent's Vile Nazi-Sign Protests (Video)

Last week vile leftist protesters with Nazi signs protested in front of Americans for Prosperity offices in Chicago. The “progressives” depicted conservatives Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Adam Kinzinger as Nazis at their disgusting rally. And, these same radicals were caught on film returning to Rep. Debbie Halvorson‘s office after their stunt.

The protest was led by radical progressive Anna Markowski and former Pelosi staffer Julie Merz who now works for Rep. Halvorson.
The media, of course, ignored this story.

Now Republican Adam Kinzinger is demanding an apology for this disgraceful attack.
Breitbart TV reported:

Captain Adam Kinzinger has launched a web ad aimed at Rep. Debbie Halvorson after her campaign was caught participating at a rally that included a poster of the candidate as Adolph Hitler.


You can donate to this patriot in his campaign against this leftist radical here.

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