Radical Indonesian Muslims Threaten Global Jihad if Koran Is Burned in Florida

That’s odd.
Radical Muslims have threatened global jihad and suicide bombings if the Florida church burns the Koran on Saturday.

A group of Indonesian demonstrators belonging to the Hizbut Tahrir, an Islamist organization, rally outside the US embassy in Jakarta in September 2010. The group threatened “jihad” or holy war if a US Christian group goes through with threats to publicly burn the Koran.… Read more »
(AFP/Aldo Utama)

Members of the Islamic group Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia hold placards during a protest in front of U.S. embassy in Jakarta September 4, 2010. Hundreds of members from the Islamic group Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia condemned a Florida church plans to hold a “Koran-burning” on September 11, which this year coincides with Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. The placard (front) reads, “Only coward burn Qur’an. (REUTERS)

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