Predictable… SNL Cranks Give Conservative O'Donnell the Palin Treatment (Video)

Gee, who saw this coming?
The leftists at Saturday Night Live gave conservative Christine O’Donnell the Palin treatment last night on the season premiere. Heck, it worked so well on Palin they had to try it on O’Donnell.

And, their buddies at the AP were ready with their story for Sunday morning readers complete with an unflattering picture of Christine O’Donnell.

Funny how that works, huh?

Here’s the humorless hit piece:

As Allahpundit said on this stale routine at HotAir:

The O’Donnell skit is the “newsworthy” bit but the gags are so predictable that you might as well skip it. How predictable? Put it this way: At one point, they actually have her in a witch’s hat riding a broom. So perfunctory is it, in fact, that I wonder if they were forced to do something like this because all the good comic material had already been mined while they were on summer hiatus.

Next week the cast of SNL is going to mock the bearded Marxist she’s running against.
Just kidding.

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