Pennsylvania Man Admits to Threatening Sarah Palin- Wants Her Dead

“Bottom line is, he is crazy and could kill me… He wants me dead.”
– Sarah Palin

Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents Wednesday with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. (Republican Herald)

Sarah Palin obtained an emergency restraining order against an 18 year-old Pennsylvania man Shawn R. Christy. The media has been slow to report on this story for some reason.
Free Republic reported:

The news media has been slow to report the emergency restraining order obtained Monday by former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin against 18 year old Pennsylvania man Shawn R. Christy. It took forty-eight hours for the national media to report on the court order, even though it was reported online by the local paper the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman on Tuesday.

Palin friend Kristan Cole also obtained a restraining order against Christy, who reportedly told Cole he had bought a gun and flown to Alaska in recent days.

This evening, the Associated Press quoted testimony Palin gave by telephone in the hearing Monday:

“Bottom line is, he is crazy and could kill me,” Palin said, according to the court transcript. “He wants me dead.”

Palin also testified that he also believes he has some kind of relationship with her daughter, Willow, and has brought up the girl’s name.

The AP also quoted Palin’s attorney Thomas Van Flein on the constant threats the Palin family has lived with since she came to national prominence two years ago:

Christy had “risen to the top of the dozens and dozens of people” who have threatened Palin since 2008, when she emerged on the national stage. “He stands out as the most persistent,” trying to reach her through friends, associates and family members, he said.

Reuters also published their first article on the Palin stalker tonight, noting “Cole, like the former Republican vice presidential candidate, is from Wasilla and a former beauty pageant contestant.”

The Frontiersman reported more details today:

Cole testified that Christy sent a letter in August 2010 saying that “he tried to follow the bible but had evil and wickedness in him.” She said Christy told her that he is convinced she is evil and must be punished.

Petitioner is concerned because the respondent appears to be unstable and has stated that he believes petitioner is evil and that she needs to be punished and that he is coming to confront her to get her to tell the truth.”

Christy also claims to have had a sexual relationship with Gov. Palin, the documents say. “Petitioner testified that respondent has told her that he has had an affair with Gov. Palin and that petitioner needs to tell the FBI the truth about the affair.”

Palin testified that she has not had a sexual relationship with Christy, the filing stated.

The father of an 18-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking Sarah Palin said Wednesday that his son is home with him and hasn’t left the state.

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