Obama to Hold Rally for Sen. Feingold… Sen. Feingold to Skip Town …Update: Feingold Decides to Show Up

The rainbow-shooting unicorn rider will return to Wisconsin today to host a rally in support of far left wackjob Russ Feingold.

Senator Feingold will not be at the event… He’s skipping town.
MyWay reported:

Democratic Party Chairman Timothy Kaine says he sees no slight in Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold skipping a campaign rally tonight where President Barack Obama is appearing on his behalf.

Kaine tells CBS’s “The Early Show” that candidates “make their own decisions about these things.” And Kaine, a former Virginia governor, says Feingold understands that Obama can energize the party’s base.

Kaine says Obama is appealing particularly to college-age youths to become more active in the mid-term elections, saying “we just need to make them aware of the importance of these elections.”

The latest Fox News poll shows Republican Ron Johnson leading Democratic senator Russ Feingold by 8 points in the Wisconsin Senate race.

Senator Feingold decided to stop by after all.

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