Obama Refers to Illegal Aliens as "Us" at Backyard Lib BBQ (Video)

Barack Obama referred to illegal aliens as “us” in his backyard meeting on Tuesday. He flew all the way to New Mexico to cook weinies and talk junk in some lib’s backyard.
CNS News and FOX Nation reported:

President Barack Obama referred to illegal aliens in the United States as “us” on Tuesday while renewing his call for giving them a “pathway to citizenship”—an amnesty–and castigating opponents of such an amnesty as demagogues.

Obama’s made the statement at what the White House billed as a “backyard discussion” at a private home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It came in the midst of a 754-word answer he gave in response to a woman who asked: “How do you envision a comprehensive immigration reform as one measure towards America’s economic recovery and long-term vitality?”

754 words later he finished his response to the question… about as long as it took to down two hotdogs.

From the transcript:

“Now, unfortunately, right now this is getting demagogued,” Obama said. “A lot of folks think it’s an easy way to score political points is by trying to act as if there’s a ‘them’ and an ‘us,’ instead of just an ‘us.’ And I’m always suspicious of politics that is dividing people instead of bringing them together. I think now is the time for us to come together.”

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