Not Again! Obama Takes Roadshow to Iowa – Gets Earful

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Iowan supporters blasted the president today during his latest backyard meeting.
Even The Washington Post admitted that Obama got an earful.

Back in Iowa, President Obama got an earful Wednesday from voters about two of his key policies: health care, and his desire to roll back Bush-era tax cuts.

In a state with a highly educated electorate – and where voters are accustomed to challenging aspiring presidents every four years – Obama did his share of listening while audience members did a big portion of the talking.

Standing in the back yard of a resident, Obama stood patiently as one woman described, at length, her fears that the U.S. health-care system will soon resemble that of Great Britain. Next, a man spent several minutes describing the way his small business works – and his unhappiness with the prospects of a tax hike.

When the man veered off into his thoughts on Chinese currency, Obama interrupted.

“Okay, we’re going way afield now,” Obama said, jumping in to address part of the man’s earlier observations.

He then attacked the GOP for his failed big government policies.

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