Lib Rep. Bean Flees Constituents & Refuses a Copy of the Constitution (Video)

This is getting fun… Watching liberals run from their constituents…

Lib Representative Melissa Bean (D-IL) refused to take questions and even refused a copy of the US Constitution from constituents this week. The democrat did not hold any town hall events during the health care debate and she still won’t answer questions about Obamacare from voters.

Here she flees local tea party patriots:
Run Melissa. Run!

This is beginning to get frustrating to the voters in the 8th. Melissa Bean never held one townhall to discuss the health care legislation with her constituents. A bill that would dramatically affect 1/6th of our economy. Before or after the vote, she refuses to talk about it.

Same with cap n trade, same with the 800 Billion dollar stimulus, same with the TARP bill.
How dare she call herself a representitive.

The Palatine Tea Party added: If you are outraged with Bean’s actions, contact her local office (847) 517-2927 or DC (202) 225-3711 and vote her out in November!

At least she didn’t bring Bruno the Thug with her this time.


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