Jesse Jackson's Ghost Writer Attacks Rove After Obama's Dismal Iraq Speech

And, here we all thought Jesse Jackson was just a professional race-baiter…
Now we know he’s a complete leftist buffoon, too.

Jackson, or rather, some ghost writer(?), attacked Karl Rove after Obama’s week Iraq War speech.
FOX Nation reported this from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Karl Rove scorned President Obama’s speech announcing the removal of combat troops from Iraq as a “Come home, America” speech.

For Rove, this is an insult, not a compliment. He and a gaggle of former Bush administration officials have flooded the airwaves, demanding that Bush be given “credit” for the “success” in Iraq, and assailing Obama for saying it is time to “turn the page” and focus on rebuilding America.

Will they never learn? Rove condemns Obama for suggesting that we squandered a trillion dollars to no good effect in Iraq. Actually, the amount squandered on these wars is over $3 trillion, as Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has detailed.

Rove and his ilk insist that the U.S. can police the world and maintain a strong economy.

He argues the money spent in Iraq is a better investment than Obama’s recovery plan, which staved off a depression, employed, as many as 3 million people, according to the independent Congressional Budget Office, and made a down payment on our necessary move towards renewable energy.

Republican leaders would return to the policies of Bush: more tax cuts, more deregulation, more cuts in domestic investment, more wars abroad and more military spending. Yet it is those very policies that drove the economy off the cliff and left us in a very deep hole.

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