Halleluiah! Obama Wants Faith Groups to Push Obamacare

Well, he did attend Rev. Jeremiah “G-D America” Wright’s church for 20 years so this makes sense.
Obama wants faith-based groups to push his pro-abortion Obamacare monstrosity.
The Politico reported:

PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN: POTUS, SEBELIUS ASK FAITH LEADERS TO OUTREACH – With health reform’s popularity steadily slipping, top administration officials turned to faith-based groups that supported the law to do their part explaining it. On an hour-long conference call Tuesday, they outlined the Patients’ Bill of Rights and asked faith-based and community groups to get the word out on the new provisions. “I wanted to have this call because we have a big day coming up, the six-month anniversary of health reform’s passage,” President Obama told leaders on the conference call, hosted through Health and Human Services’ Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Obama later added that, “The debate in Washington is over, the Affordable Care Act is now law. …I think all of you can be really important validators and trusted resources for friends and neighbors, to help explain what’s now available to them.” Joshua DuBois, head of the White House’s Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, got even more specific: “Get the word out there, get information out there. Make use of the resources described on this call: the website, door hangers, one pagers and so forth. We’ve got work to do.”

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