Good Grief. Team Obama Displays Philippine Flag Upside Down During Meeting With World Leaders

Here’s more of that smart power we heard so much about.

Insult: The blue and red Phillipine flag (second flag from right) behind President Benigno Simeon Aquino III as he met President Obama at the UN on Friday is upside-down, a sign the country is at war. (Daily Mail)

Nice work, kid.
Team Obama displayed the Philippine flag upside down, a sign of distress, during meetings with the world leaders in New York this past week.
Yahoo reported:

The U.S. government said Sunday it made an “honest mistake” when it displayed an inverted Philippine flag — which wrongfully signified that the Southeast Asian nation was in a state of war — in a meeting hosted by President Barack Obama.

The Philippine flag was displayed upside down behind President Benigno Aquino III when leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations met Obama in New York on Friday.

“This was an honest mistake,” U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Rebecca Thompson said in a statement, adding, “the U.S. treasures its close relationship and close partnership with the Philippines.”

Hat Tip Susan U.

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