Gaffe?… What Gaffe?… Governor Brewer Increases Her Lead in Arizona Race

It’s a liberal’s worse nightmare…
Apparently, the Arizona voters value substance over style.

Despite her slight gaffe at the debate last week, Governor Jan Brewer now leads her opponent 60-38 in the latest Rasmussen poll.
TPM reported:

Gaffe all your want, Jan Brewer — the polls show voters don’t care. A new Rasmussen survey of 500 likely voters in Arizona shows voters are more than ready to return the Republican to the governor’s office this November. The poll shows Brewer ahead of Democratic nominee Terry Goddard by 22 points. She’s leading the race 60-38, according to the new numbers.

The poll comes after the last Rasmussen poll from August 25 showed Brewer ahead 57-38. Despite the truly embarrassing moments Brewer has publicly suffered between that poll and today’s new one, her already huge lead appears to have actually gone up.

The TPM Poll Average shows Brewer leading Goddard 59.9-36.4.

Hat Tip Dr. B.

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