Ecuadorean Socialist Leader Rafael Correa Hospitalized After Police Attack (Video)

Chavista puppet and socialist President Rafael Correa was hospitalized on Thursday after his police forces attacked him during protests. The Ecuadorean army came in and rescued their socialist leader from the attackers.

The BBC reported on the rioting:

Soldiers in Ecuador have rescued President Rafael Correa from a police hospital after a day of protests by security forces angry at benefit cuts.

Mr Correa was rescued after soldiers opened fired on dissident police.

Moments after being freed he appeared on the balcony of Quito’s presidential palace and spoke to thousands of cheering supporters.

He thanked the crowds and said he had just lived through the saddest day of his government.

The violence came after dark on a day of unrest in Ecuador that the president and his supporters said amounted to an an attempted coup.

Mr Correa had been holed up in the police hospital, where he was treated after being hit by tear gas in a confrontation.

Iran blamed the US and Israel for the unrest.

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