Dem Rep Denies Involvement With Dem Hitler-Sign Protesters Led By Her Dem Staffers Who Met at Her Dem Office

Vile leftist protesters with Nazi signs were caught on film returning to Rep. Debbie Halvorson‘s office on September 15th after holding a protest in front of Americans for Prosperity offices in Chicago.

Top democratic activists organized the protest outside an American for Prosperity office. The democrats held signs featuring images of her opponent Adam Kinzinger and other prominent conservative figures including Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as Nazis. They then left the rally and met back at Halvorson’s office.

Now, Dem Rep Halvorson is saying she had nothing to do with these protesters who work in her office.
Larry O’Connor at Big Government reported:

When news of her campaign’s connections with a rally that featured posters depicting Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Halvorson’s GOP challenger Adam Kinzinger with Adolph Hitler moustaches surfaced on Thurs. Sept. 16th, her campaign went into immediate denial mode.

Campaign spokesman Anthony DeAngelo told the Southland Star that the Halvorson campaign did not stage any protest outside an Americans For Prosperity event in Joliet, IL on the night in question.  ”Obviously, the congresswoman would never condone anyone comparing Kinzinger or any candidate to Hitler” DeAngelo said.  Perhaps, but does that go for the congresswoman’s campaign workers?  More on that later.

When Big Government showed video evidence that several members of the protest returned to Halvorson Campaign Headquarters as soon as the protest disbanded, it was time for another denial.  This time it was a bit more creative:  ”Some of the protesters stopped by the Illinois Victory office after the protest to say hello and get some water,” reported the Illinois political blog CapitolFaxBlog.

You’ve gotta love it… Even though there are documented evidence that at least one of the protest leaders works for her campaign, the liberal representative denies involvement with the outrageous protest.
“They were just getting some water.”

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