Delaware GOP Website Lists Mike Castle as "Our 2010 Candidate"

Speaking of sore losers
You may want to update your webpage sometime, guys. After all, the primary was two days ago.

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Via Free Republic

The Delaware Republican website has Mike Castle listed under “Our 2010 candidates” with a link to his senatorial campaign website.

The front page also has articles trashing Christine O’Donnell including:

Conservative Voices Throughout the Country Show Why It’s Crucial to Vote for Mike Castle

Weekly Standard: O’Donnell Sued Conservative Group for $6.9 Million

O’Donnell Refuses to Address Campaign’s Illegal Conduct

Maybe they’re still in shock that their RINO was defeated on Tuesday?

UPDATE: It’s still not updated as of 10:47 AM EST.

UPDATE: (12:20 PM EST) The Delaware GOP updated the website but still have Castle endorsements on the front page.

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