DC Is a Circus- Dems Invite Clown Stephen Colbert to Testify & Mock Immigration Law… Update: Colbert & Dems Flop (Video)

The Jokes On US–
After trashing the economy and ramming through their radical agenda Democrats are now openly mocking Americans by inviting leftist comedians to committee hearings.

Today, comedian Stephen Colbert testified on immigration. Colbert worked on a farm for one day. Democrats thought this made him an expert. It was a joke.
Here’s his testimony:

“I was a cornpacker…cornpacker is a derogatory term for a gay Iowan.”

Far left radical John Conyers (D-MI) asked Colbert to leave but was overruled by committee Chair Rep. Zoe Lofgren 9D-CA).
The Globe reported on the circus:


At least one lawmaker was not amused.

Comedian Stephen Colbert had barely seated himself at a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing this morning when US Representative John Conyers, Democrat of Michigan, asked him to leave. Conyers said the committee had not seen so many reporters at a hearing since presidential impeachment proceedings in the late 1990s, and he wanted Colbert to leave so that the committee could carry on with its work.

Colbert, however, did not budge, saying that he was present at the invitation of the hearing chair, US Representative Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California. But Colbert said if Lofgren wanted him to leave, he would.

Lofgren said she wanted him to stay, and a good portion of Capitol Hill was glued to broadcasts of the hearing.

The hearing was about illegal immigrants and farm work. Colbert, host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, recently spent one day working on a farm.

You know things are bad for the democrats when John Conyers starts sounding like the sane one in the room.

More… Confirmed: Colbert House Hearing an Embarrassment.

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