Day After Obama Says "You Will Not Lose Your Health Care" McDonalds Announces 1.2 Million Will Likely Lose Coverage (Video)

On Wedneday Barack Obama told a group of Iowans that they would not lose their health care due to the democrat’s nationalized plan.
Dana Perino reacted to this blatant “mistruth” on Greta’s show.

On Thursday McDonalds announced that 1.2 million people will likely lose their health care.
The Examiner reported:

Coverage of 1.2 million people with mini-policies is under threat of health care reform claims Stuart Varney, anchor of “Varney & Co.”, as he tries to unweave the contradictions coming from McDonald’s and the White House after this morning’s Wall Street Journal bombshell revelation that McDonald fast food giant “could cut plans for 30,000 workers.”

“Here’s the story. The Wall Street Journal has gotten hold of a letter, written by McDonald’s to the authorities in Washington about health care. That letter says and I’m quoting,”

It would be economically prohibitive for our carrier to continue offering coverage.

“That’s to the 30,000 McDonald employees who get this low-cost low-coverage right now. McDonald’s is saying economically – not good – with the health care act in place. McDonalds this morning turns around and says – ‘False story! Not true; we’re not considering dropping coverage. Health and Human Services turns around this morning and says, ‘The story is wrong.’

Of course, the fact that Obama continues to lie to the American people about his unpopular health care bill surprises no one.


Top Corporations Announce They Will Likely Give Up Health Care Coverage

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has the latest- Sebelius tightens the screws and slams the WSJ.

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