Crazy Alan Grayson on Beck Rally: "These Are the People Who Were Wearing Sheets Over Their Heads 25 Years Ago" (Video)

The mouth of the Democratic Party was at it again last week.
Rep. Alan Grayson told far left radio host the people at the Beck rally,
“Were the same people who were wearing sheets over their heads 25 years ago.”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King, who spoke at the rally, was unavailable for comment.

reported, via FOX Nation:

Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is a lively public figure, and having established a fairly solid public image (for better or worse), it seemed easy to predict what he would think of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. On the Stephanie Miller Show on Thursday, he described rally attendees as “people who were wearing sheets over their heads 25 years ago,” which is almost predictable except… 25 years ago? In 1985?

Rep. Grayson was talking questions from callers on the program, one of whom invited Miller, Grayson, and “Ed” (we assume liberal radio show host Ed Schultz) to a counter-rally to show the American right that they have a challenge ahead of them. Miller said she’s “go to the opening of an envelope,” but wasn’t preoccupied with “show[ing] Glenn Beck that mine’s bigger.” Plus, she added, the people that came to Restoring Honor were mostly “McCain-Palin leftovers” and not a significant percentage of voters.

Rep. Grayson, as he is wont to do, upped the ante. “These are people who were wearing sheets over their heads 25 years ago.”

You can help get this hateful far left clown out of office by supporting Republican Daniel Webster for Congress.

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