Crazed Tea Partier Dem Politician Runs Down Poll Inspector With Car

Crazed Tea Partier Dem Politician Runs Down Elections Official With Car

The democrat, Milele Coggs, argued with the poll inspector then ran him down with her car.
FOX 6 reported:

Milwaukee Police investigate a collision involving Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs, and a poll inspector. The incident took place on Tuesday night at a polling place on Milwaukee’s north side.

A poll worker tells FOX6 that Coggs arrived at the Martin Luther King Jr. School on N. 3rd St. looking or elections results for her family members who were running for office. The poll worker says Coggs hit a poll inspector with her car following an argument between the two.

The Director of the Election Commission has confirmed a poll inspector was injured Tuesday night. The man was taken to a hospital, treated, then released. The man suffered minor injuries.

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