Busted… Vile Protesters With "Nazi" Signs Filmed Entering Dem Rep's Office After Rally (Video) …Update: OFA Protester ID'ed- Top Obama Campaign Worker …Update: Kinzinger Demands Apology

What a complete shock…
Vile protesters with Nazi signs were caught on film returning to Rep. Debbie Halvorson‘s office this week after protesting in front of Americans for Prosperity offices in Chicago.

Rep. Debbie Halvorson‘s office organizes a protest on September 15, outside an American for Prosperity Event, featuring images of her opponent Adam Kinzinger and other prominent conservative figures including Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as Nazis.

BIG UPDATE: One of the protesters has been identified. She’s one of Obama’s Organizing for America staffers. They shipped her from Missouri to Chicago for their Hitler rally.

This Halvorson OFA protester gets around.

(51 seconds into video)

Here she is working at a Russ Carnahan event in St. Louis, Missouri back in 2009:

She was sneaking Carnahan supporters into the town hall through the handicapped entrance.
(1:49 into video)

Dan Riehl added this on Halvorson’s brown shirts:

At the end of the video, the protesters with Nazi mustaches painted on posters of Kinzinger, Beck and possibly others, can be seen inside the local Halvorson campaign office. The door had been locked, but was then unlocked for them. Obviously these protesters are a genuine part of her despicable campaign effort that was previously caught dishonestly trying to dig up dirt on a Veteran to defeat him politically.

Halvorson’s campaign looks to be un-American coming and going from what I can see.

UPDATE: Rep. Halvorson’s opponent Republican Adam Kinzinger demands answers after her vile Nazi protest.

UPDATE: Nazi protester positively identified– Anna Markowski. Here is Anna’s Twitter account. She is currently working for for Barack Obama’s Organizing For America… getting paid to carry Nazi signs? She was introduced at the grand opening of an Organizing for America office in St. Louis on November 4, 2009.

Anna Markowski’s twitter account–

Anna Markowski, the Nazi-sign protester, now works for Rep. Halvorson (D-IL)

UPDATE: Anna Murkowski
was the Missouri Deputy Regional Field Director for Barack Obama in 2008.
…And, now she’s leading Nazi-sign protests.
Hat Tip Ed

UPDATE: It looks like Anna Markowski was not only a regional director for Obama but was also an OOS Volunteer Coordinator.

Now we know what happens to old Obama campaign workers– They’re leading Nazi sign protests.

UPDATE: Another one of the protesters has been identified– Julie Merz – Rep. Halvorsen’s campaign manager who is depicted at the end of the video – was just recently the Deputy Director of Member Services on Ms. Pelosi’s staff.

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