Bring It!… Obama Plans More Attacks on Tea Party Like the One Last Night in Chicago

Despite their constant attacks on the tea party Americans who love their country and want a responsible government and fiscal discipline, the corrupt democratic-media complex has failed.

It’s time for POTUS, our community organizer in chief, to unload on the tea party patriots.

Drudge is reporting that top Obama officials are planning attacks on the tea party…
Like the assault last night in Chicago.

Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) members were bussed into the parking lot before the Right Nation 2010 Conference in Chicago. The leftist protesters harassed Andrew Breitbart, spit at him and called him a homo. This is while one of their members was leading the group in prayer.


After their religious service they turned in their flags and stacked up their signs.

They loaded their bus and took off down the road to OFA land.

More… Far Left crank Marc Ambinder admitted that the state-run media will help the democrats with messaging (like they have forever).

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