BOMB BLAST IN COPENHAGEN… Jyllands-Posten Offices Targeted

Islam in Europe is following this attack.
The suspect is described as ‘North-African-looking’ and speaks French

The bomber was carrying a map to the Jyllands-Posten offices. Jyllands-Posten published the Mohammad cartoons back in September 2005.

Reuters reported:

Denmark raised its terror attack preparedness Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States, after a man set off a small explosion in a Copenhagen hotel Friday.

Daily newspaper Ekstrabladet, citing police sources, said police had found a map with the address of daily Jyllands-Posten’s headquarters in the city of Arhus circled among the man’s belongings.

Jyllands-Posten’s publication in 2005 of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad provoked protests in the Middle East, Africa and Asia in which at least 50 people died.

Police guard a cordon in central Copenhagen, Friday, Sept. 10, 2010, after it was suspected that the man tried to detonate a small bomb in Hotel Joergensen in central Copenhagen. The man received minor injuries in his face and on his arms. The hotel was evacuated and there were no reports of other injuries. (AP, Kenneth Meyer)

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