Bill Clinton: Tea Party Reflects Feelings of a Lot of Americans That "They're Getting the Shaft"

Bill Clinton weighed in on the Tea Party Movement today on “Face the Nation.” He told CBS that “a lot of Americans that they’re getting the shaft.”

The Hill reported:

Former President Bill Clinton said Sunday that the Tea Party movement “reflects the feeling of a lot of Americans that they’re getting the shaft,” but isn’t clear what it stands for.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Clinton said many Americans were bitter that banks and other “people who caused these problems” had recovered while ordinary people had not.

“There is a general revolt against bigness,” he said.

Clinton said that in the Republican Party, this translates to an insurrection against big government instead of big business. He questioned, though, if the Tea Party wanted to roll back initiatives such as healthcare reform, Wall Street oversight reform and student-loan reform.

“I don’t know where they stand but I get why they’re popular,” the former president said.

Of course, democrat Clinton doesn’t want to face reality. The tea party protests are not about the private sector, Bill. They’re about the out-of-control far left radicals in government.

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