While Abbas Talks Peace With Obama – His Ministers Honor Mother of 4 Terrorists

Israel’s peace partners honored the mother of 4 Islamic terrorists.

The Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Karake, honors mother of 4 terrorists with PA Shield. [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 28, 2010- PMW]

“The Palestinian mother is a central partner in the struggle…
It is she who gave birth to the fighters, and she deserves that we bow to her in salute and in honor.”

As Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was in Washington to discuss peace with Israel, members of the Palestinian Authority honored the mother of 4 suicide bombers in Bethlehem this week.
Arutz Sheva reported:

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon says that while PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) talks peace in Washington, his men encourage terrorism back at home – and Gazans celebrate terrorism by giving out candy.

Ayalon decried the fact that the PA minister for prisoner affairs recently visited the Abu Hamid family, four sons of which have been sentenced to life for murdering Israelis. The official, Isa Karaka, shared the Ramadan break-fast meal with the family, and praised the mother for the way in which she has contributed to the struggle for independence. Karaka also visited the home of suicide terrorist Iyat Al-Ahres in Bethlehem, who blew herself up outside a supermarket in Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem in 2002, killing two Israelis.

“While peace talks are underway in Washington,”
Ayalon railed out, “Abu Mazen’s ministers continue to incite and encourage terror attacks against Israel. These visits must be viewed with great gravity.”

Meanwhile, in Hamas-run Gaza, great pride is being taken in the two attacks carried out in Israel this week. Hamas has claimed responsibility both for the point-blank murder of four Jews near Hevron, and the attempted murder of a husband-and-wife near Rimonim last night. The terrorist organization has sharply criticized Fatah for seeking to arrest the perpetrators of the attacks.

The official Hamas website has posted a special page in praise of the two attacks, including photographs of Gaza residents distributing candy to passersby – a traditional expression of joy – in celebration of the deaths of four Israeli Jews.

Obama may want to put up a few more Pro-Palestinian billboards in Israel.

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