Unreal. State-Run Media Suppresses Fact That Wikileaks Traitor Is Radical Gay Activist

Had you heard this yet?
The Wikileaks leaker is a radical gay activist nut who was upset over a recent break up… So he leaked over 90,000 classified military documents.

Do you think this might be an important piece of information in the Wikileaks scandal?
Apparently, our corrupt journolist state-run media doesn’t think it’s important. Or maybe they’re just hiding it from the public?
…No they wouldn’t do that.

The Washington Examiner reported, via Ace of Spades:

“The revelations of Manning’s openly pro-homosexual conduct suggest that a more liberal Department of Defense policy, in deference to the wishes of the Commander-in-Chief, had already been in effect and has now backfired in a big way. The result could be not only the loss of the lives of U.S. soldiers, as a result of the enemy understanding U.S. intelligence sources and methods, but damaged relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan and a possible U.S. military defeat in the region as a whole.” – Accuracy in Media
The suspect in the leaking of classified military files, Spc. Bradley Manning, voiced his disgust with US Army commanders and U.S. “society at large” on his Facebook page just prior to his alleged downloading of thousands of secret documents, according to the British news media.

According to one story appearing in Britain’s The Telegraph, Manning, who served as a US Army intelligence analyst, became depressed after a break-up with his homosexual campanion. He also wrote: “Bradley Manning is not a piece of equipment,” and quoted a joke about “military intelligence” being an oxymoron.

Manning, who is openly homosexual, began his gloomy postings on January 12, saying: “Bradley Manning didn’t want this fight. Too much to lose, too fast.”

The 22-year old Manning is awaiting court martial as the primary suspect in the leaking of more than 90,000 secret documents to Wikileak.org creator Julian Assang, who in turn posted the documents on his web site. The secret documents subsequently appeared in major U.S. newspapers in a security breach which Pentagon officials say has endangered the lives of serving soldiers and Afghan civilians.

You’d think this might get a mention or two, wouldn’t you?

More: Let me be clear. I don’t have an issue with gays. I have an issue with radical gay nuts who leak thousands of classified documents after a break up and put our military men and women in danger.

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