Sen. Landrieu Tries to Tie Beck & Restoring Honor Rally to Hurricane Katrina… Fails

The BBC posted this photo of the giant rally yesterday in Washington DC.

This was a little crazy.
Senator Mary “Louisiana Purchase” Landrieu bashed Glenn Beck and conservatives at the massive Restoring Honor Rally today in an interview on “Meet the Press.” Landrieu blasted conservatives and charity organizations for their contributions in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina… That’s a good way to pi$$ off all the church groups who sent thousands of volunteers and private organizations that spent millions of dollars in rebuilding New Orleans, Mary. Landrieu also must have missed the whole segment at the patriotic rally yesterday that dealt with charity.
The Hill reported:

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) fired back at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, saying that his call to faith was nothing new and should include a call to help the poor.

“God’s been a big part of this country since we began,” said Landrieu, being interviewed in New Orleans for the Katrina anniversary with her brother, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. “Glenn Beck’s idea is not new,” she added, stressing that the Gulf region survived on faith after being devastated by the hurricane five years ago.

Landrieu said Beck had said the Gulf Coast could be rebuilt by private industry after the storm and flooding, but said that out of 200,000 homes lost only about 5,000 had been rebuilt by nonprofits.

“He is preching a gospel that never has existed, doesn’t exist today and never will,” Landrieu said. “We follow the gospel, Mitch and I do, of Jesus Christ; we know what to do.”

That was strange.
She really ought to get her facts straight before she opens her mouth.

It is interesting that as much as democratic-media complex has demonized Bush over Katrina that Louisiana voters would still pick Bush over Barack Obama in a crisis – 54% to 33%.

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