Uganda Bomber Says He Is a Peace-loving Person Who Only Wanted to Kill Americans

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Idris Nsubuga, Mohamood Mugisha, Haruna Hassan Luyima and Issa Ahmed Luyima (New Vision)
The racist Uganda bombers responsible for killing 79 people at a World Cup Soccer party cried as they appeared in court this week.
The New Vision reported:

FOUR key suspects who confessed to involvement in the bomb blasts were paraded before journalists yesterday.

Two of them, Edris Nsubuga and Haruna Hassan Luyima, cried over the pain their actions caused. Issa Luyima and Haruna Hassan Luyima are brothers, while Nsubuga is their friend. The fourth suspect was identified as Mohamood Mugisha.

“I am very sorry for the loss of life. I was hesitant to pick on Ugandans. My target was the Americans, who I think are responsible for the suffering in the world. I am very sorry to the people, who knew me,” Issa Luyima, described as the mastermind of the blasts, said without emotion.

“I am a peace-loving person but that is the nature of war. It has got many dimensions,” he asserted.

Nsubuga’s eyes welled with tears and his voice cracked as he spoke.
“I was used. Issa was so calculative in using me. To you all, I am a monster but I had emotional problems and this is what they capitalised on,” he said.

Handcuffed and dressed in jeans, T-shirts and jackets, the healthy-looking men aged between 24-33 years, narrated their role in the attacks, which killed 79 people, the Police said.

Ironically, Nsubuga’s auntie Margaret Nabankema, was also killed in the attack in Kyaddondo Rugby Club grounds in Lugogo, Kampala as revelers watched the World Cup final.

Haruna, who sobbed before the news conference began, and Mohamood Mugisha, said they were sorry for not reporting the crime.

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