Plume Find Challenges NOAA White House Gulf Oil Spill Report

A 35 kilometer plume of oil discovered in the Gulf challenged the NOAA White House report that most of the oil had disappeared.

PBS reported on the oil spill discharge this week.

Nature News

The Sydney Morning Herald reported:


Scientists say they have mapped a 35-kilometre-long underwater plume of oil that spewed from BP’s ruptured Gulf of Mexico well, apparently challenging US government assertions that most of the oil has disappeared.

The research was released as BP faced accusations it is blocking efforts to determine the cause of the spill at the well.

The oily underwater cloud measured 2 kilometres wide and 200 metres thick, and was drifting through the gulf at a depth of at least 900 metres, according to the paper by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution marine biologists, published in Science.

Earlier this week an NOAA scientist admitted that the latest report on the Gulf oil disaster was actually created by the White House not the NOAA.

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