Oklahoma Loons Rally For Wikileaks Leaker Bradley Manning

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This was sent in tonight from a reader in Oklahoma City:
Leftist anti-military supporters of Pfc. Manning held a “peace march” at the Oklahoma State Capital in Oklahoma City today. Pfc. Manning, the Wikeleaks leaker, is a native of Oklahoma, and has a few local supporters.

The march was attended by about thirty persons, and was sponsored by the Center for Conscience, a local Mennonite Church, Veterans for Peace, and the local Quakers.

They walked about six blocks to the capitol, then gathered around a laptop computer to collectively watch the video of the 2007 helicopter attack that Pfc. Manning made available. There was strangely little enthusiasm for the whole event by the attendees, though they did seem very earnest. All of the local TV and better news radio stations were there, and they’ll get plenty of local coverage.

They watched one of Manning’s leaked films at the end of their rally.

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