Oh Brother… Media Tries to Rescue Michelle O From Spanish Escapade; Insists She Was Mourning With a Friend

Honestly, is there nothing these corrupt cranks in the media will not do to bail out the radical Pelosi-Obama regime from disaster after disaster?

Last week the nation was outraged after it was revealed that Michelle Obama was spending over $300,000 of taxpayer money on her extravagant Spanish vacation.

After a few days of plotting and planning the state-run media finally settled on an excuse. Now the media spin is that Queen Michelle really traveled to Spain to mourn the loss of a parent with a friend.


Here’s Michelle mourning with the Spanish King Juan Carlos.


Here’s Michelle mourning while sight seeing in Ronda.


Michelle O even mourned during her shopping excursions.


Poor Michelle even had to mourn with her friends down at the beach.


It was a very somber trip for the First Lady…
At least that’s what the journolist state-run media wants you to believe.

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