Obama's Puppet McCaskill Plans Town Halls Across Missouri

The last time we heard from Claire she was lecturing Missourians (71%) for rejecting her Obamacare.

Now she wants to lecture Missourians about how hard she’s worked to reduce the deficit…
Of course, this is the same liberal who voted lockstep with the democrats in Washington to ram through their radical unpopular job-killing agenda.

McCaskill to travel across the state to discuss efforts to manage the federal budget and gather input from Missourians

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill wants to talk with Missourians about efforts to address the deficit and get the country’s fiscal house back in order. Next week, in the second part of a series, McCaskill will travel across the state hosting town hall forums to gather input and listen to the concerns of Missourians, as well as discuss her efforts to control spending in Washington. On Wednesday and Thursday, McCaskill will host forums in Fredericktown, Dexter, Rolla and Mt. Vernon.

Visit McCaskill’s website to sign up to attend the Fredericktown forum, the Dexter forum, the Rolla forum and the Mt. Vernon forum. Missourians can also contact the Columbia office at 573-442-7130 for additional information.

Given the impact rising deficits will have on Missourians, McCaskill is committed to ensuring the government find ways to curb spending during these difficult economic times. Most recently, McCaskill garnered GOP support for a bipartisan amendment she introduced with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that would cap discretionary spending growth over the next 3 years.

Get your reservation in today!

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