New GOP Ad Shows Dems Taking the Emergency Slide to Escape Obama (Video)

Oh, this is just too good.
A new GOP ad shows democrats taking the emergency slide to escape from President Obama.
Run for it!

The New York Daily News
reported on the ad this week:

Steven Slater is now a national political punch line.

A new Republican spoof video shows congressional Democrats running from President Obama by bailing out of Air Force One – using the emergency slide.

“I’m coming to your hometowns!” a cartoon Obama says, before the bright yellow chute pops open and Democrats start to flee.


None of them appear to be carrying beers, as flight attendant Slater did when he flipped out aboard a JetBlue flight landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport and quit his job out the emergency exit.

The Republican National Committee ad pokes fun at Democrats afraid that Obama’s declining popularity will hurt their reelection chances. It flashes quotes from nervous Dems who are afraid to appear with Obama.

The Democratic National Committee had no immediate response.

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