Lib Meltdown… MOGOP Videographer Assaulted By Top Kansas City Dem Official at Carnahan Event (Video)

The Missouri Republican Party has released footage of a weekend assault against a MOGOP videographer perpetrated by one of Robin Carnahan’s staunch supporters… a Kansas City area Democrat leader.

The altercation took place on August 7 in a parking lot in front of the Clay County Democrat HQ while Carnahan was speaking inside. The leftist assailant gets in the face of the videographer and threatens to “knock the [explicative] out of you, boy.”
Here’s the video:

From the video: On August 7, a supporter of Robin Carnahan assaulted an MOGOP videograpger in the parking lot in front of a County Democrat HQ while Carnahan was speaking inside. The assailant has been identified as Bill Skaggs, the Kansas City mayor pro tem (1st district councilman) and former member of the State House of Representatives (1982-2002).

As reported by the Kansas City Star, Skaggs refused to apologize and falsely accused the videographer of being “belligerent.”


MOGOP released this statement:

“A supporter of Robin Carnahan’s campaign lashed out this weekend, clearly threatening a Missouri Republican Party staff member with physical harm outside of a Kansas City area Democratic office,” said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican. “Perhaps Carnahan’s campaign is frustrated that she is down in polls and the issues she supports are incredibly unpopular. Regardless of the reason, there is absolutely no excuse for threats or intimidation from a campaign or its supporters—particularly an elected official like the mayor pro tem of Kansas City. Robin Carnahan should immediately take steps to educate her closest supporters about appropriate behavior.”

Keep it classy, libs.

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