It's On… Egypt and Sudan Move Forward on "Peaceful" Nuclear Plans

Let the Mideast nuclear arms race begin.

Technicians load the Bushehr nuclear plant this week in Iran. (ISNA)

The news this week that Iran started its Bushehr nuclear reactor provoked two other regional powers to make their own public statements. The Sudanese theocracy was the latest regime to announce they will move forward on their peaceful nuclear reactor.
Israel National News reported:

Sudanese media reported Sunday that officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit the country this week to discuss Khartoum’s plans to import a “peaceful nuclear reactor.” The announcement followed a breakthrough in Iran’s nuclear program over the weekend, as engineers began loading fuel rods into the Bushehr reactor.

Sudanese leaders established a nuclear program in early 2010, according to state news agency SUNA, and they plan to build the country’s first nuclear power station in 2020. They say the program is necessary in order to provide electricity to all of the country’s citizens, many of whom live in areas with no electric grid.

Iran’s senior leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in April that Iran is prepared to help Sudan create a nuclear program by sharing both knowledge and technology. The two countries share close economic and political ties; both are Islamic theocratic states.

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Likewise, Egyptian president Mubarak announced this week that his country will announce plans for their own nuclear plant.
UPI reported:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is preparing to announce plans to construct the country’s first nuclear power plant, an official said.

An unnamed source told the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry-al-Youm Mubarak is likely to name Dabaa as the site for the country’s first nuclear power plant Monday.

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